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YC Magazine
Bill and Pam Henson started YC Magazine in January 2004. It was based on an idea of community — covering York County by York County. We wanted to provide readers with quality content and lots of it. We know we’ve accomplished what we originally set out to do when readers tell us, “I love the magazine. I read it cover-to-cover, and I read it every month.”

By reading and supporting our advertisers in YC Magazine, you’re supporting your local community, your neighbors, your friends, and your family. And we thank you.

Bill Henson
Owner, Publisher, Editor
Bill has a variety of backgrounds and has been a professional writer for more than two decades. He handles the content of the magazine and writes several columns in each issue. Bill is well-known for having an outspoken opinion on virtually everything.

Pam Henson
Owner, Publisher, Designer

Pam handles the look and feel of the magazine and designs the majority of the ads. Her background in marketing and graphic design ensure that your ad is effective and that readers enjoy the magazine. Pam is also in charge of making certain that Bill’s opinions make sense.

Misty Kasic
Advertising Sales

Mary Pettus 
Advertising Sales

Distribution Crews
We couldn’t do it without our valuable distribution crews.


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